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“ She is a great doctor that listens to your concern and get to the bottom of it. Dr Casha Smith knows how to prevent recurrent issues from happening ever again. I was very happy with the result. She not only fix my spine but knows her soft tissue. The best treatment in town unlike any other chiropractors. Highly recommend her service and great staffs. ”

Binh Nguyen


“ Came in to Cashae after a whole series of appointments at another physical therapist and the amount of relief I've received has far exceeded that if the other provider in half the time. The staff is extremely friendly and the atmosphere is welcoming. Give them a try, you will not regret it. ”

Yasin Mohammed


" I have been seeing Dr Smith for a hip and lower back pain problem. Prior to seeing her I had been seeing a few different chiropractors, for 6-7 years, trying to avoid having a hip replacement. Any relief I received from them was temporary, though I was seen frequently. Now, I am so happy that I found Dr. Smith! She was thorough with her exam, and after ordering a scan of my span, diagnosed me with severe scoliosis. She is treating me various chiropractic treatments, some of which I had not had before. And after only seven visits, I am feeling no pain. I thought at best, I would have to put up with occasional discomfort. But no, even when Dr Smith went on vacation for a week I had no pain. And I have not had to take any pain medication, which I could not avoid in the past. I highly recommend Dr Smith. Besides her excellent care, she has great office staff in Ms Patricia. And her office is comfortable. If you are looking for good Chiropractic care or Sport injury care, give her office a call. You will not be disappointed. "

Marie Brantley

" I adore Casha and her receptionist. They are like the dynamic duo. I went to Cashae as a last ditch effort to deal with my chronic lower back and spinal arthritis. I was in excruciating pain and just tolerated the ongoing pain. The first day was ok, but as I continued to receive treatment I walked differently and I did not have the constant aches and pains. Casha was very gentle and pleasant during all the appointments. She has awesome bedside manner and a vested interest in making you feel 90-100% better. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who experiences low back pain. "

Laura Louis-Fils


" I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr.Smith for anyone suffering from neck or back pain. You will not be disappointed! She is a very skilled chiropractor but most impressive is how she truly cares about her patients. During the consultation, she is very thorough with her diagnosis and treatment plan for you. I was in horrible pain and discomfort. In my line of work, I am constantly on the go. The pain got so bad that it was affecting my work. After my first couple of appointments, with Dr Smith I felt like a new man! My pain and discomfort had gone down significantly.

In addition, the office staff is very responsive when trying to set up an appointment, which is something that I value very much. Also, they are very flexible in trying to work with your schedule for appointments, which is also great! The staff are very nice and welcoming; which makes me feel very comfortable. You feel like a person, not another number or another dollar! The place is clean and welcoming, I really can't say enough good things about this place! Truly a life-changing experience! "

TotalSoccer Arena


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